You’ll find lots of SEO consultants who can do things like keyword research, writing title tags, auditing your content for EEAT, and technical SEO.

Here are some of the things I have a particular passion for which I believe my skills and experience are unique.

1. The SEO of Last Resort

For SEO Professionals and Teams that could use a “second opinion” from someone who’s been around the block a few times…

Most SEO is pretty cut and dried these days. But there are times when you try to do everything “by the book” and your SEO performance collapses.

It happens to the best of us. And if you run an in-house SEO team (or are yourself “the in-house SEO team”) it can get awful lonely. I know, I’ve been there.

Just as primary care physicians refer hard cases to specialists, I can make myself available to anyone who needs a diagnosis and treatment plan (or just a “second opinion”).

Over the years I’ve encountered virtually every technical SEO challenges there is. Just a few highlights of what I’ve done:

      • Saved 1-800-Flowers from SEO collapse due to a poorly thought-out load balancing solution (before canonical tags existed)

      • Increased the reach and visibility of a major McDonalds user-generated content initiative (while Google was still struggling with AJAX sites)

      • Saved Shutterstock from SEO collapse due to infinite search spaces, adult intent traffic, some sloppy replatforming, and just about every other challenge that faces a mass marketplace.

      • And many, many more.

    Here’s where I’ll differ from other consultants:

        1. I don’t want your job. In one of my jobs as an in-house SEO, I personally experienced when a high-paid consultant was brought in by our executive team to “help me”. Several months later, I was out of a job.

          Suffice it to say, it sucked…not just for me, but for my former company who went on to lose $10 million in SEO revenue because they didn’t catch a silly coding error I could have caught in my sleep.

          When it happened I swore I would never, ever do that to anyone else.

          If you choose me to help you, my goal will not just be to solve your problem, but to educate you and your team and make you look good in the process. 

        2. I don’t want to lock you into a bottomless retainer. Look, I get it, a lot of agencies and consultant just want to get you paying an exorbitant monthly fee even after their usefulness is long finished. My goal is to solve your problem, make sure you and your team are equipped to handle it moving forward, and get out of the way.
        3. If I can’t solve your problem, you don’t pay. I don’t want to be like every other consultant that charges an exorbitant fee, even if they don’t end up doing any work for you. You have it in writing here (and you’ll have it in writing in contract form) that if you don’t see the value in the work I provided you, there’ll be no cost for my time.

      2. SEO Strategy

      For companies that have solid product and marketing functions but not a dedicated SEO team

      There’s a little secret that most SEO professionals don’t say a lot.

      Companies should not need a dedicated SEO function. If every other function in a company is working well and—importantly—laser focused on its customers needs, SEO as a standalone function should not exist, because EVERY employee in the company is already “doing SEO”.

      I’ve found over the years that most companies that think their SEO is broken really have something underlying that’s broken—their brand, their product management, their marketing, their technology, or their customer service. SEO is really just the “canary in the coal mine” pointing out what’s sub-optimal in any or all of these functions.

      My approach to SEO is a lot different than most.

          • My output won’t just be a fancy PowerPoint presentation that will languish in the bottom of your Inbox. It’ll be practical, actionable insights and recommendations that teach (or reinforce) how your team can better put customers first.

          • My goal won’t be to land a lucrative, ongoing retainer with you. My philosophy is the “teach a person to fish” approach. I’ll work with your existing product, marketing, technical, and customer service teams to help them understand how to incorporate the best “SEO practices” (which are things they should be doing anyway) into their day-to-day routine.

          • Rather than start with a cookie-cutter approach to auditing your SEO, I’ll approach your case uniquely, focusing on where you’re hurting the most and not repeating for the hundredth time things you already know.

          • In all cases I’ll start by getting a deep understanding of your customers (in most cases I’ll become a customer myself to do so).

        3. Enabling Small Business

        For small businesses that can’t afford to pay for SEO

        One of the things that really concerns me is the state of small business in America today. Small businesses used to be the backbone of our economy. Today, small businesses struggle to survive under the crushing weight of regulation, taxation, and worst of all, the deck being stacked for big businesses to poach talent, steal customers, and control the narrative of your industry.

        There’s probably no better illustration of this than what happened a few years ago when COVID-19 hit, and the government shut down small mom-and-pop stores (many of which never re-opened) while stores like Home Depot and Walmart were kept open as “essential services”.

        The tide is changing, though. One thing I learned in working for some of the world’s largest companies is that the bigger the company is, the more disconnected the company is overall from its customers. Small business owners, on the other hand, speak with their customers every day. All they really need to do is take the same questions that their customers ask them every day and put their answers onto a Web site.

        Google garden city orthodontist, princeton eye doctors, or chinese schools in great neck and you’ll see what I mean. These all happen to be my own friends and family, but there’s nothing that you can’t achieve either, and pretty easily.

        Here’s my little secret. I didn’t do a lot (and all of these businesses have gotten to the point where they don’t really need my help anymore). These businesses all did the first and most important thing by being the best at what they do in their local communities.

        The one thing most small business owners are missing is a decent Web site. What most people don’t realize is how ridiculously easy it is these days to build a professional-looking Web site. In the coming months, I’ll be building out a site called that will walk any small business owner through how to build and maintain their own professional Web site themselves.

        4. Enabling Entrepreneurs

        For anyone looking to start a Web site

        I have a particular knack for helping entrepreneurs.

        I’m not really talking about startups with their rounds and rounds of VC funding. I’m talking more lone professionals who have been laid off from their job and is looking to start a new business on their own. Or, the person with a hobby or a cause they are passionate about who—with just a tiny amount of effort and know-how—can turn that passion into something that can generate them passive income.

        I speak from experience here. Google hymn lyrics search engine, best slow cookers not made in China, or best wii exercise games and you’ll see examples of how I was able to turn my own passions into blogs where I could share my passion with others (and make a little passive income on the side, which certainly never hurts).

        If you’re interested, that site I mentioned I’m building above ( can help you too. Stay tuned.

        Wanna talk?

        Feel free to contact me using the form on the home page.