I’ve actually been blogging for many years on my personal Web sites, but I’ve never really blogged about the subject I’ve spent my entire career trying to master: online marketing and SEO.

This was actually intentional. While I was working for corporate America, any analysis I did “on the clock” technically belonged to my employer…and any thoughts I had would invariably be associated with my employer.

Now that I’m my own employer, I can speak a little more freely.

While this blog will undoubtedly evolve over time, here are some of the key things I’ll be writing about.

  1. My thoughts on the latest developments in the SEO world and the future of SEO. Look for these posts under SEO Thought Leadership – Uncensored.
  2. Walkthroughs of basic SEO stuff everyone should know. While there are lots of sites that do this, I’ll divulge some of the “secrets” I’ve been able to pick up over the years. I’ll put these under SEO 101.
  3. Identifying companies that have plummeted in SEO and providing analysis of what went wrong. I’ll categories these under The Google Whisperer.
  4. Answering questions that come up around SEO and online marketing with my “E”, my “E”, my “A”, and my “T”. These will go under Your Questions.

I can’t promise I’ll blog regularly, but when I do I promise it’ll be worth the read.

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